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Opening Doors: Building Connections Through Apprenticeship

Posted by Mohammad Hanif Haroen on Apr 20, 2022 1:11:01 PM


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Joining an apprenticeship program is an excellent way for fresh graduates to develop their skills and abilities, while also learning more about the workplace. It's a great way for them to gain professional skills from their workplace and gain work experience before applying for full-time positions. Employers will benefit from this program because it can boost workplace productivity. It benefits both parties in a mutually beneficial way. With that in mind, here are a few key advantages of participating in an apprenticeship program:


Work experience is essential.

An apprenticeship program provides authentic and earned work experience for fresh graduates and early talents, as the working environment differs greatly from that of any school or university. Mentors and coworkers can also assist you in performing your duties and showing you the ropes so that you have a positive work experience.



Earn salary or extra income.

When it comes to apprenticeships, young talent is looking for more than just work experience. You'd also like to be compensated for their efforts. Earning a salary from this program can assist you in covering your living expenses while also teaching you how to manage your own finances. It is unquestionably a benefit that contributes to an apprenticeship program's participants having a positive experience.



Gain independence & competencies.

Apprenticeship programs allow you to develop your independence by requiring you to work on tasks independently. You will also become more responsible and respected at work as a result of it. After completing an apprenticeship, you will gain additional skills that will help you stand out in the job market when applying for full-time positions.



Boost your employability.

You can also improve your employability by enrolling in an apprenticeship program. Companies will be able to see your experience and dedication as a result of your participation in the apprenticeship program. It will also increase your chances of landing a full-time job when compared to other job applicants who have no prior work experience.

Apprenticeship is beneficial to early talents and fresh graduates because it provides long-term benefits and advantages to apprentices that are not available elsewhere. This program can assist you in honing and improving your existing skills while also teaching you new ones. It can also aid in the development of your resume. After all is said and done, you will be a professional worker who is already familiar with the workplace and its responsibilities. Apprenticeships can help you gain work experience and improve your job readiness.

Qwork currently offers a holistic apprenticeship program through which you can earn these benefits while also learning new things about work culture from supportive mentors, all while learning transferable skills that will help you in the professional workplace.


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Written by: Mohammad Hanif Haroen


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