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Braving The New Normal: Job Security Post Covid-19

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Jul 1, 2020 2:46:46 PM

In an episode of The New Normal Series: “Covid-19 - Penugasan Semula Pekerjaan atau Penciptaan Pekerjaan Baru?” by Astro Awani, Muna Munirah, Qwork's CEO, shared how Qwork empowers talent and businesses to brave the new normal. Moving towards the new normal post Covid-19, talent and businesses must be able to fathom the fluid environment we are now facing. Agility is construed as a key ability needed for both talent and businesses in seizing new opportunities that come along with the new normal.




Gigs: Available Opportunities for Talent

As a use case, Muna narrated the journey of Firdaus, a Qwork gigger who had always been a star performer at one of Malaysia’s leading fashion e-commerce as an Assistant Warehouse Manager. Before Covid-19 outbreak, Firdaus was able to work on a full-time basis and receive RM4000 as his monthly wage. Due to MCO, the company where he works must undergo a job restructuring, causing Firdaus to only work for three days per week. As a further result, his monthly salary decreased by almost 40%.

Looking to supplement his income, Firdaus signed up to Qwork where he can easily land side gigs through a digital platform. As a Qwork gigger, Firdaus’ professional brand is assessed through profiling to help him discover his many market-ready skills. After consulting to Qwork Career Advisors, Firdaus pursues a new gigging career path as a Special Relief Facility (SRF) Assistant where he gets to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with their accounts to file for the SRF. Qwork recognises Firdaus’ professional skills in Accounting, making sure that he can be redeployed as a SRF Assistant gigger.

Qwork also provides Firdaus with upskilling activities such as social media training and homesteading courses. This would allow Firdaus to set up his own small business and become a local vegetable supplier. Aligning Firdaus’ passion for gardening with his professional skills in business operations, Qwork ensures that Firdaus has what it takes to grasp entrepreneurial opportunities. Qwork understands that just like Firdaus, all giggers are motivated by choices, flexibility and sustainability. We empower talent to adapt to the new normal by encouraging them to be open to gigs and upskilling activities.


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The New Normal for Businesses

A notion that has emerged out of the new normal is the concept of the gig economy. This is because the expectations and viewpoint towards the work environment in the new normal are quickly shifting from fixed work arrangements to flexible work. This also led to the emergence of a workforce we call “giggers” who are constantly looking for flexible and on-demand work.

The MCO-induced work environment has alleviated the long-held hesitancy regarding the efficiency of telework as businesses are now starting to gain confidence in remote work delivery, thanks to digital enablement. To conclude, the adoption of on-demand work and digital transformation will help businesses to adapt to new economic reality. The gig economy with its on-demand business model will enable businesses to achieve cost-effectivity, flexibility and reduced employee churn. The gig economy model is here to stay because it helps businesses to solve the problem of unpredictability in their workforce by filling on-demand jobs.


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Qwork: An Inclusive Platform for Businesses and Talent

Powered by a digital platform, we enable businesses of all sizes to post gigs on our mobile application. This way, we make gig opportunities accessible for our motivated and talented giggers, while making sure that businesses can fulfil their flexible resourcing needs. In braving the new normal, Qwork transforms traditional work arrangements into gigs, making sure that in-demand talent is optimally deployed on-demand. We believe that as long as people are passionate, highly-skilled and paid fairly in what they do, job security will always be attainable.

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