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Falling Behind On All The Latest Workplace Trends

Posted by Raefah Ab Rahman on Dec 27, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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Here are some trends of 2019 that will help you prepare for the year ahead. Companies can be stuck in the past simply because they were unable to keep up with the rate at which the motivations of employees, methods of education and technological advancements.


Are you wondering what these changes are? How do they affect your business? Retaining workers today may be more of a challenge then it used to be, choosing to change the way we run as we evolve.  

  • Flexible work schedule

Companies that offer flexible working hours are more attractive to the working population because they are able to have time for their personal lives. This will increase the quality of work, increasing efficiency. If people are able to have increased job satisfaction and flexibility they are more likely to work for you and enjoy what they do. It is seen that the more employees enjoy the work that they do, the better they perform. Which in turn benefits the employer in the long run.


  • Technological advancements

Technology is advancing faster than we can adapt to it, more employees are concerned with how it would affect their ability to attain a good job. The introduction of AI, as most new devices and services, will cause it. Employers need to be ready to ease workers as well as prepare for this shift.

  • Upskilling

There is a need for companies to allow employees to learn more, the job market is struggling because there are people who want to work. However, people do not have the skills needed for the jobs thus there is supply is not meeting the demand of workers. As companies retrain workers they are able to work towards closing this gap. 


  • Investing in mental health

Mental health awareness has increased over the years, more people are choosing to take care of their mental health. However, companies are still behind on the role they play in it, employees want to work at a company who is able to care about what they care about. To foster an environment that allows them to express themselves and feel comfortable in that space. Thus increasing employee satisfaction which would increase their ability and desire to serve the company better.


  • Increasing human interaction

Creating space that fosters human interaction in your company will increase output. The more each person interacts with co-workers and their friends at work they are able to share ideas and improve, studies suggest that having human interactions at the workplace sparks creativity.