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Attracting Gen Z Candidates: Tips & Tricks

Posted by Novia Galuh Ramadhanty on Jul 6, 2022 12:17:17 PM

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The most recent generation to enter the workforce is Gen Z. This generation, comprised of those born between 1997 and 2012, is just finishing off college and is already changing the way recruitment and employment processes work.

So who are these “fresh” workers? 🤔

Generation Z was born in a world full of digitally savvy things—cell phones, social media, and Wi-Fi—and as a result, they are well-versed in digital conveniences. They have interacted with the global marketplace for ideas, network and entertainment. This generation understands that the possibilities are endless and intends to make their mark.

Recognising Gen Z’s preferences, behaviors and backgrounds wil help recruiters develop more effective and relevant strategies to attract this generation into the current workforce.

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Tips to attract Gen Z Talent ✨🤩

1. Build your employer branding

Create positive brand content that appeals to Gen Z candidates, such as content about your mission, diversity, and work culture. Your career page is the cornerstone of your employment marketing campaign for Gen Zers who grew up with the internet. To attract more candidates, use these best practices to modernise your website, highlight the most important information, and increase your social media activity.


2. Make your job description delightful & interactive

When writing the job description for the applicants, keep it simple and creative by turning it into a story or relating it to current trends. You must ensure that any job applicant who sees the posting understands the company's values, what they will be doing at work and how they will make an impact. For example:

Planning content and managing our social media

A social media addict who can create a content plan based on current trends

An experienced negotiator who is a contract and business negotiation expert

A negotiator who understands business negotiation and knows when to move quickly, when to sit quietly, and when to laugh loudly.


5. Lean on learning and growth career path

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Generation Z witnessed their parents' job losses. These experiences may alter Gen Z's perceptions of career longevity. They want to be given the skills necessary to adjust to changing job demands and to be prepared for unexpected changes. As a result, providing clear career paths, mentorship programs, and training can demonstrate to Gen Z that you value them for their long-term potential rather than just their ability to perform in an entry-level position.

Because of the increased demand for digital skills, employers must modify their hiring processes to attract Gen Z talent with digital skills. Qwork is here to help you find Gen Z talent. Sign up as an employer on Qwork today to find the best candidates!



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Written by: Mohammad Hanif Haroen


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