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Gigify Your Career

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Apr 10, 2020 6:56:38 PM


Gig Economy : Opportunities for Next-Gen Talent

The gig economy has unlocked career flexibility and independence for next-gen talent at a scale that was never available to previous generations. With the flexibility in your hands, you get to set your own career path by taking different gigs in multiple businesses and industries. Gigifying your career will take you to the fastest growing career alternative and it will allow you to leverage your knowledge and skills. We know that as a next-gen talent, you are highly motivated by choices, flexibility and sustainability. Qwork is here to support your aspirations as a next-gen talent and we help you gigify your career.

Gigify My Career

Chart your own path and start gigifying your career with Qwork!


Implications for Organisations and Youth Groups

The gig economy has also allowed many organisations to improve their talent pool in a very effective and efficient way. Talents need to be nurtured in order for them to keep thriving in the dynamic environment and a borderless, fluid economy. To elevate the talent pool, organisation needs to design an ecosystem that specialises in the gig economy. Start scaling your organisational efforts and enhance your value proposition to the talent pool with Qwork. By gigifying your talent, we can close the talent gap by matching your talents' skills to industry needs.

Gigify My Talent

Let's Gigify your next-gen talent to be highly marketable and employable.


Qwork empowers talent and businesses to sustainably navigate through the gig economy, especially in dynamic and fluid environments. This is because we believe that the definition of employment continues to change, but people will always do well when they’re passionate, highly-skilled and paid fairly in what they do.

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