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Perks of Hiring Interns Through Qwork

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Jun 1, 2021 10:35:29 AM


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As an employer, you will encounter a number of unique advantages as you open your doors to soon-to-be graduates. Hiring interns can be another investment for businesses as it offers many advantages. Check out these plus points of hiring interns through Qwork:

👩🏻‍💻 Structured skills profiling

On Qwork, we crunch multiple data points from our interns to do verified skills profiling that will match their skills to specific jobs. We use vetting processes to ensure top quality interns for your job posting and to let you hire directly from our fully integrated network of pre-vetted interns. By having interns, your business will have an opportunity to develop a talent pipeline of young people specifically nurtured to meet your company’s needs and culture.

✅ Pre-screened & pre-vetted interns

Every Qwork Intern is rigorously screened and vetted to ensure the matching of skills and jobs, making us known for churning out wholesome interns that understand market needs and the realities of the working world. We provide outcome-based internships where we place more emphasis on the quality of the internship by having tripartite relationships with pools of interns, universities and employers.

Internships on Qwork are translated into gigs where interns experience the real work scenarios, have a clear set of job responsibilities and performance is measured against the expected output from employers. Furthermore, our Qwork Sector Leaders (QSLs) will provide supervisory support throughout the internships to ensure great work efficiency.

💡 Time-cost effective recruitment

Because cost-per-hire for interns is lower than the cost you need to hire entry-level employees, hiring interns also means decreasing your recruitment costs. Furthermore, bringing interns into full-time employment is great because they are already familiar with your company, their roles and they typically need little to no training.

⏰ Easy onboarding to fill roles fast

Say goodbye to long hours of interviewing and reviewing applications from interns. As an end-to-end platform that integrates automation tools, we provide a reliable intern network to optimise your business productivity. With Qwork, you can simplify all your intern management processes, get full visibility on your interns and start seeing better productivity in your business.

Interns provide an extra edge that can help your business stay ahead of the curve & fuel your business aspirations. They bring in fresh ideas that push innovations in your business.

With Qwork Interns you can build your winning team and start seeing real business results!

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