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How to Save Employment by Gigifying the MSME Sector

Posted by Natalie Amadea on May 14, 2020 3:21:23 PM

In the recent Micro and Small Issues Program by MSME News Network, Muna and Mimi (CEO and CTO of Qwork) share to the MSME community how Qwork can save employment by gigifying the MSME sector.

It is believed that MSMEs should leverage on the gig economy to navigate through the current COVID-19 crisis since its dynamic and fluid nature allows MSMEs to scale their workforce up and down as needed to meet the changing business goals.

How Qwork Can Help MSMEs to Save Employment

In response to reduced levels of business operations during MCO, MSMEs have to manage the issue of retrenchments. As an example, a restaurant owner is having a hard time deploying his existing workforce. Due to MCO, his restaurant only offers takeaway and delivery services and it leads to the decreased operating activities and manpower needs. The restaurant owner would not want to lose half of his staff, yet, he must reduce overhead costs to keep the business running. Qwork provides key strategies to overcome this dilemmatic situation :

1. Repurposing Existing Workforce

Qwork provides gigs that aim to repurpose MSMEs' existing workforce and provide supplemental income for staff. This way, MSMEs can reduce overhead costs by re-shifting their workforce to gigs in other businesses and staff are also able to maintain a stable income during MCO. By repurposing the existing workforce, MSMEs can save employment and also save operating costs up to fifty percent.

2. Up-skilling Workforce

Instead of shrinking the existing workforce, Qwork can help MSMEs up-skill their workforce by conducting workforce profiling and up-skilling activities in order to match skills to the desired job outcomes. Our up-skilling activities are done based on training modules from the qualified Qwork Training Partners to ensure an impactful educational journey for the workforce. 

3. Having On-demand Creative Giggers

During the time where there is an increasing demand for digital connectivity, MSMEs need to activate their social media to engage better with their audience. Instead of hiring a full-time social media manager, MSMEs can opt for our Socmed Activation Package as a more efficient option. Our package is affordable, customisable and focused on the job outcomes. If you need to set up a Facebook ad campaign to boost sales during MCO, Qwork on-demand creative giggers are up to the task.

How Qwork Empowers Giggers

Qwork is an inclusive community of giggers that is powered by a digital platform. We encourage our giggers to leverage on their multiple skills and explore gigs in different industries. By being involved in gigs, giggers will gain experiences and skills needed to become a professional. In addition, they can create flexible work schedules and achieve financial stability during lockdown by earning extra income from picking up some side hustles.

How Qwork Navigates Through the Gig Economy

Qwork believes that the power of the gig economy rests with next-gen talent's multiple skills. We are certain that the new normal would bring a flourished online community of giggers with varying skills and working preferences. MSMEs and next-gen talent can adapt to the new normal by collaborating and partnering up to achieve mutualism in resource sharing. Together, we can sustainably navigate through any crisis.


Learn more about how Qwork can gigify your business and organisation.

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