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Inclusivity in the Gig Economy

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Aug 16, 2021 12:50:03 PM

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Giggers chose the gig or on-demand economy for its flexibility and the ability to direct giggers to the best gigs once they have learned the skills. The future is making the gig model work for giggers with platforms such as Qwork that reduce income volatility by working with government bodies to build a safety net for giggers.

Now, many workers take up gigs either to supplement their primary income or due to their inability to find a permanent job during these tumultuous times. This supports the notion that the gig economy can democratise opportunities for people with different skills, especially in dynamic and fluid environments.


✅ Gigs are the new norm

Our gig community comprises more than 20,000 reliable and trained giggers, of whom 30% are highly skilled. So how can Qwork become a home for thousands of giggers?

Since the pandemic, the unemployment rate has been a record high. An estimated 1 million people were laid off or underemployed in 2020 alone. Institutions of higher learning (IHL) have also seen large numbers of students postpone their studies. At the same time, interns struggle to find placements in the industry.

Since COVID-19 struck, we have seen an increase of about 200% growth demand from employers, and we have experienced 300% growth in job seekers on our gig platform. More people are diving into the gig economy to discover alternative solutions and new ways of working. Gigs or flexible jobs have tackled those issues mentioned above by acting as an income supplement or even the primary source of income. The gig economy is definitely here to stay.

No matter what your skills, Qwork App helps you find the right gigs.

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🤔 What are people looking for in their careers?

Experts estimate that the global economic recovery will take about 25 years. The working situation and environment will most likely be hybrid. In a hybrid work model, people have more flexibility to get work done when they're most productive.

In an office-first model or traditional job arrangement, people are expected to be clocked between 9 am and 5 pm every workday. In a hybrid work model, employees have more flexibility to get work done from anywhere. Flexibility is also the very nature of gigs, offering a better work-life balance and giving people the freedom to manage their work.

Based on LinkedIn data, flexibility has become the top priority for the work environment in recent months. At Qwork, we support our giggers to find work wherever and whenever. Flexibility and accessible career paths to well-paying gigs have always been the perks we try to provide on Qwork.


⭐ Building an Inclusive Gig Economy for SEA

In terms of economic potential, Deloitte stated that the gig economy in South East Asia pre-pandemic is about US$ 6 Trillion. This number is believed to increase post-pandemic. With our current operations in Malaysia and Indonesia, we are expanding our business to Singapore next year. When it comes to the gig economy, the serviceable and obtainable markets in SEA have demonstrated robust growth.

As preparation for our expansion to Singapore in 2022, we have recently graduated from the Global Launch accelerator programme from 500 Startups Singapore. This program has helped us unlock Singapore's market potential.

Aligned with our expansion, we're improving our app to help more giggers and businesses to make the most out of the gig economy. People would jump into the gig economy and need two key things: to make sure that they earn enough and to be able to build a safety net.

Unlike other gig platforms, Qwork focuses on the Malaysian and South-East Asian job market, and we navigate multiple businesses of all sizes to participate in the gig economy.


With Qwork, you can build your winning team and start seeing real business results.

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