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Skills to Gigs: How Qwork Cushions Unemployment

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Aug 4, 2021 1:04:41 PM


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When Qwork was launched back in 2017, it was the marking year in which gigging became mainstream, widely chosen by many businesses in Malaysia as a way of getting things done. Because of the massive digitalisation during the pandemic, the gig economy will take another step forward. As a gig platform, we have seen a 300% increase in signups over the pandemic.

More businesses are learning to effectively integrate giggers into their workflows and benefit from having access to flexible talent with just a few clicks. Workers are also tapping into the gig platforms to get gig opportunities in various industries, making it easy to try new things and get paid.


🤝🏼 The pandemic highlights how gig platforms cushion unemployment

Before starting Qwork, Our CEO, Muna Munirah, has been involved in accounting and finance. She also plunged into the film industry, where she developed an appreciation for creative giggers who take up part-time jobs to fill available gaps in a project.

Like you, Muna loves the freedom of being her own boss and doing gigs that she's proud of. As a millennial, she believes she's part of a generation with many skills, talents and interests; she saw the gig economy as a suitable place to explore more job flexibility.

Qwork was built based on Muna's and our founders' aspiration: a digital platform and an inclusive community for giggers to showcase their skills, take up gigs and manage every aspect of their gigging career in one place. During the pandemic, we continue to nurture our gig community of an estimated 20,000 giggers and employers.

The increase in signups during the pandemic is aligned with the fact that more workers are unemployed and looking for alternatives to translate their skills into meaningful, flexible work. Here, the gig economy plays a pivotal role. The gig economy is more diverse and highly skilled than we think. Our data suggest that the pandemic has lead to more highly skilled workers entering the gig economy. Highly skilled workers like data scientists, programmers and graphic designers who work on a project-by-project basis also leverage our platform to find gigs that suit their skills.

No matter what your skills, Qwork App helps you find the right gigs.

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👨🏻‍💻 Gigify and upskill the next-gen workforce

The way we gigify the workforce is by turning giggers' various skills into gigs. Qwork's way of doing it is by matching giggers' skillsets with available gigs in multiple industries. Our support does not stop there; we work with government bodies to help thousands of giggers build their success and get the safety net they deserve.

Our CEO believes that as human beings, we are built to adapt to ever-changing reality. Robotic tasks will undoubtedly replace manual and hands-on gigs. Therefore, we provide upskilling programs for our gig community, enabling them to prepare themselves for future gigs or tech-centric gigs.

The type of training on Qwork differs based on the gig; to become a data scientist, you'd need to take our upskilling program on Big Data. Meanwhile, your KPIs would consist of specific data tasks such as improving marketing campaign performance using Google Analytics and identifying patterns and trends in data sets.

Businesses can reap the benefits of having giggers on a flexible basis as it lightens operational costs and is time-effective. To educate giggers regarding the work they will be doing, how to perform the gigs and their unique KPIs, we provide training for our giggers. In a nutshell, our training manages the expectations of all stakeholders and ensure excellent work quality.

The gig economy is no longer all about the unskilled labour segment of workers. As our society heads towards digitalisation, we are constantly empowering giggers to adapt and learn new skills.


⏩ Our next journey: Navigating the SEA's gig economy

Learning from our experience witnessing that gig platforms are more resilient to economic downturns, we plan to expand our operations to Singapore in 2022. We recently graduated from the Global Launch accelerator programme from 500 Startups Singapore to prepare for the expansion. The program has helped us unlock Singapore's market potential by introducing us to key market players and stakeholders.

Skills are the currency of #FutureOfWork. They are the most critical determinant of a giggers' income and career progression. At Qwork, we help giggers keep up with the ever-changing job landscape, and we power businesses' diverse workforce with end-to-end gig recruiting solutions. We're here to make the gig economy beneficial for everyone.

With Qwork, you can build your winning team and start seeing real business results.

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