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Meet Qwork's Founders

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Oct 1, 2020 3:21:11 PM

Our mission to empower giggers & businesses to navigate through the gig economy may give you an insight into who are the people behind our gig community. Today, let’s dive deeper into Qwork HQ & meet our founders!



Muna (CEO)
Meet our CEO! Muna loves working with next-gen talent & believes in their abundant skills to make great projects realised. Her previous role as a Project Manager and her own flair for scriptwriting & film directing has taught her how to successfully collaborate with them.

Mimi (CTO)
Mimi is a firm tech advocate in our gig community with knacks in research, technology & entrepreneurship. As a true believer of sustainable business models, she's confident that the tech sector will power our sustainable future & in the journey to make it happen!

Dini (CSO)
Dini has vast knowledge in art & multimedia, as well as working experience in banking, that develops her love for communicating with others. She believes that the synthesis of our multiple skills & interests will eventually take us to our desired career paths!

Our founders took their career milestones & charted their own gigging career paths. Join our gig community to find your own true career path!

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