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Posted by Natalie Amadea on May 14, 2020 3:09:23 PM

Qwork empowers talent and businesses to sustainably navigate through the gig economy, especially in dynamic and fluid environments. This is because we believe that the definition of employment continues to change, but people will always do well when they’re passionate, highly-skilled, and paid fairly in what they do. We are a community of giggers that is powered by a digital platform that matches the skills and work preference of next-gen talent to the dynamic manpower needs of businesses from various industries. Our end-to-end and hassle-free recruitment solution helps businesses and organisations in the following ways: 

For Businesses

Qwork addresses the biggest problems facing businesses today, which are staff turnover, increasing operating costs and ineffective recruitment processes. We provide on-demand skilled giggers (that can hit-the-ground-running) with packages that are affordable, flexible and customisable. Our reliable and trained giggers are curated from our talent pool to serve across industries such as Transportation, Education, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, and Services to improve your business operations. Our services are available in the following packages :

1. On-demand Giggers
Starting from RM 10/man-hour, Qwork on-demand giggers serve across industries with various gigs such as Warehouse Assistants, Drivers and General Workers.



2. Trained and Professional Giggers
Our medium to high-skilled giggers are able to complete project-based work that requires specific skills such as Social Media Activation, Administration and Accounting Support. 



3. Giggers Management System
Qwork end-to-end resources solution will help businesses to leverage on the existing resources. We transform jobs into gigs based on existing workforce's skills. Our system is aiming to save employment and reduce skilled staff turnover.



For Organisations With Talent Pool

Qwork helps organisations to elevate their talent pool with an ecosystem that specialises in the gig economy. Our platform nurtures next-gen talent to thrive in dynamic environments and a borderless, fluid economy. By partnering with Qwork, you can scale your efforts and enhance your value proposition to your talent pool and other stakeholders. Qwork closes the talent gap by matching skills to industry needs. We aspire to make your talent pool highly marketable and employable.


Learn more about how Qwork can gigify your business and organisation.

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