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Posted by Natalie Amadea on Oct 6, 2020 1:50:09 PM

Introducing Qworker Parade, a segment where we will get to know our passionate and talented Qworkers from Malaysia and Indonesia. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with our Qworkers from Malaysia and Indonesia: Mega, Azeera and Bimo.


To start off our Qworker Parade, meet Mega Jasmine from Indonesia! Having to work remotely, Mega mastered the skills of project planning and managing her own work schedule. Check out her thoughts about navigating these uncertain times and her prediction for the future of work:

⁠"Gigging at Qwork made me realise that the future of work for designers will be so bright after Covid-19. Remote work will certainly be a boon as it gives designers so much flexibility. I can get work done anywhere without compromising on my work performance and quality."

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Next, we got another chance to talk to our passionate and talented Qworker. This time, it is Nur Fitri Azeera from Malaysia. In this gig economy, Azeera thought it is important to look for suitable opportunities that could help her develop a career path. With several responsibilities in hands, she managed to find a gigging experience that was fun and handy on Qwork:

"Gigging as a Warehouse Sorter at Zalora gives me great excitement and flexibility. I can set my own work schedule and spend more time on my hobbies. I would recommend anyone to apply for gigs on Qwork since the opportunity could boost their skills and widen their network which will help a lot in their future career."




Lastly, meet Bimo Darsono as one of our talented Graphic Design Qworker from Indonesia. Discovered Qwork through Instagram, Bimo experienced the joy of gigging that gave him more flexibility in managing his own agenda.

During this unprecedented time, Bimo proficiently tackled a few setbacks that came with having to work remotely with an overseas team. That includes technical problems and the language barrier. He credited his accomplishment to the dynamic work environment at Qwork:

"Even though we didn't get to see each other face to face, gigging at Qwork was still a resourceful experience for me. I was able to upskill and practice my English more. Everyone at Qwork is very professional, supportive, and respectful towards each other."


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