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The Benefits of Side Hustle

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Feb 16, 2022 1:10:18 PM


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What exactly is a side hustle? Most people might have heard the term before but are not very familiar with it. The term ‘side hustle’ means having a side job that acts as a company to someone’s main job or activity. Some people may also take gigs which can be considered as side-hustling.

Some, if not most of them, view having a side hustle as a way to make extra money yet only a few actually do it. Unbeknownst to most people, a side hustle has lots of other benefits other than just an extra salary. These are some of the benefits that you can achieve by having a side hustle:


🧑🏻‍💻 A proper introduction to a workplace

It’s possible that side hustle can be your introduction to the workplace environment. You will have the chance to observe and adapt to this new atmosphere that you have never entered before. You will also be able to see the basic principles of the working environment and communication. Furthermore, having a side hustle can become a proper beginning journey of your work career.  


📝 Something to add to your CV

Most, if not all, employers often seek job applicants that already have their own working experience. By having a side hustle, you can have that experience and add it to your CV. Since your CV will be filled with job experiences, it will look more professional and will help you gain the attention of employers. This will become a consideration for them to hire you as their new employee.


⭐  Learn something new

With a new experience, comes new information and new knowledge to gain. You can learn new things from any kind of side hustle that you choose. You will be able to achieve new hard skills while also developing the soft skills that you already have from this experience. Those skills and knowledge that you gain from the side hustle will be very useful in the future. 


💛 It could turn into a job you love

A side hustle isn’t always temporary. Some people managed to turn their side hustle into full-time jobs. It’s possible that you choose the side hustle that you’re very passionate about or you really enjoy doing it and your employer is very satisfied with your work. Because of those possibilities, a side hustle can become a full-time job for you.

Based on the benefits listed above, having a side hustle doesn’t only offer extra money but can also be very useful in the long run for potential giggers. You will achieve skills, knowledge, information, and many other benefits that you won’t be able to get somewhere else. A side hustle is an experience that can become a long-term success.   

In conclusion, side hustle offers a lot of advantages for potential giggers. It can be not only a place to learn new things and know more about the workplace environment but also a place for you to develop both hard skills and soft skills. The benefits listed in this article will surely come your way once you decide to take a side hustle.


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Written by: Mohammad Hanif Haroen


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