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Smarter Gigging With Qwork!

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Jan 13, 2021 11:11:49 AM

2021 Resolution: the goal is to get ourselves to gig smarter🌟🙋🏽‍♂️ With Qwork App, you can get all your benefits and perks as a Qworker! Here's what you can do with Qwork App:

💜 Choose the gigs you love
🚀 Higher-paying gigs as you gig forward
🎉 A chance to get insured (powered by Penjana SOCSO)

Let's gig with Qwork! Take up more gigs on Qwork App to unlock higher-paying gigs and stand a chance to get 1-year insurance coverage, powered by Penjana Socso.

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