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Meet Your Tech Trainers

Posted by Natalie Amadea on Jan 13, 2021 12:24:29 PM

QwLearning new, in-demand tech skills that can better support your career in the new era of work is imperative. Specialised tech skills are needed in the ever-growing tech industry to maintain new digital advancements. Let's break into the next-gen field of tech with us! Join our Tech Upskilling Programs where you can gain certification from IIUM and project-based training oversaw by our Tech Trainers. Let's get to know your Tech Trainers more and watch the full videos from our Tech Trainers.


First up, meet Dr. Hasan Firdaus, our AI & Machine Learning Trainer in our Tech Upskilling Program. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechatronics at IIUM, Dr. Hasan pushes his mission of AI enablement and guide tech talent to develop their skills to drive innovation in the digital world. Join Dr. Hasan in our Tech Upskilling Program where he will share his knowledge on Python programming and domain-specific applications of AI with you!


Next, Meet Dr. Nabilah Ramli, the Blockchain Tech Trainer. Dr. Nabilah has made a career out of developing blockchain technology to revolutionise the way people do business. As an Assistant Professor at IIUM & CTO at Evenergy, she thrives to build the future of decentralised #tech & harness the blockchain revolution.


Lastly, meet Dr. Malik, the Python Programming Trainer. Dr. Malik has been deeply involved in teaching programming for almost 20 years with a vast experience in software and mobile apps development. He believes that acquiring Python programming skills in this age of remote jobs & borderless careers will future proof your tech career and reward very well.

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